A Guide for selecting a college in Kathmandu

Hello! I am Ujjwal Pandit Chhetri from Kathmandu,I just gave my +2(intermediate) and here i am going to write about my experience before selecting the college and after selecting the college here in Kathmandu.
Quality education: That i found here in Kathmandu.I was also totally new here in Kathmandu for selecting the college all alone.And now we talk about the quality than i found was a vast difference in the quality of the education as given by the college,teachers and also the of the past hometown college which was given by my friend who did not studied here in Kathmandu but in hometown college was not so satisfied.
College Fees: Now when i talk about the fees we need to see about the quality education and more facilities given by the college.The fee structure is much higher as i compare to my hometown colleges.The facilities were also more as compared to hometown college.The monthly fee is also high here in Kathmandu The books are needed to buy anyhow new because the admission fee is higher and the books price is also included there in admission fees.The dress are also of higher cost.You need to yourself buy a new college coat pant and either the bag carrying the college logo on the bag.The college bus monthly fare is also as high rather i would suggest you to use public vehicles although you will almost get some problem while you go college in the morning time or office hour.
College Environment: Now when i talk about the college environment then the all college environment here are not of the same type each are totally different in every way like location,building,etc.The college may be easily accessed by public vehicle.The more college are nearer to the RING ROAD(Chakra Path).Now when i talk about the college,you can even get the indoor game and outdoor games like table tennis,basketball,snooker,badminton,etc.Although you will be very much entertained in the college environment of Kathmandu.The teacher are also more friendly like the teacher that were in your school like in past.Although the environment of college in Kathmandu is very much friendly to the every types of student.College also organizes the speaking competition where you can improve your confidence while you will be speaking in future in conference,meeting etc.You get the different programs organized for you for building a good personality in yourself which helps you to stand in many different situation with no fear.
Other: You become all rounder in every new activity in your day to day life which is very much fruitful to you in building your excellent career. Don not worry much about the other any kind of fear here many others are just only rumors. Its good if you stop listening them or believing them. The life you will be living here is going to be a kind of struggling but not that too much. If you think you can,you must.

I have a experience of living the whole two years in Kathmandu while studying my +2 level.If you are interested to know then please contact on my following:

Facebook: Ujjwal Pandit Chhetri

Instagram: ujjwal.pandit.chhetrii

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